Regardless of your career path, we have an option for you


Are you ready for the next great innovation for your clients’ at-risk assets?

We have created an exclusive partnership, available ONLY through Brokers Alliance®, to offer our advisors access to the next generation of investment planning on our myAdvisor Cloud (MAC) for their clients’ at-risk assets. Our partners at Gebhardt Group have built a 3-tiered RIA program that provides options for Agents and Advisors with different types of practices. Regardless of where you are with your career path, we have an option for you to substantially increase the passive income you can receive from managing your clients’ at-risk assets:

WebReferenceBoard3_RIA-Solicitor.pngLevel 1 - The Pro Solicitor

  • Soliciting & Referring Clients for Asset Management
  • 99% hands-off!

WebReferenceBoard3_RIA-Advisor.pngLevel 2 - The Pro Advisor

  • Traditional Investment Advisor Representative
  • Hands-on involvement with client relationship to asset management