Average cost of cable TV: $64 a month Life insurance: $30 a month

Oct 29, 2015

According to LifeHappens.org, the average American spends $64 a month on cable television. Compare that to the $30 average monthly cost of life insurance, and life insurance starts to look like a darn good deal.

Unfortunately, many Americans living without life insurance are doing so because they assume life insurance costs for more than it does. If cable TV is not considered a luxury good, then neither should life insurance.

On the contrary, most consumers should consider life insurance essential. It absorbs a very small fraction of one’s overall income, can cover the costs of medical care due to unforeseen illness or injury, and provides policyholders with the peace of mind that their families will always be taken care of.

Do you think your customers prioritize life insurance over cable TV or vice versa? If so, it is important you educate them on how affordable and how important life insurance is. At Brokers Alliance®, we offer strategies and tools that can help your clients see the light and put more money into your pockets as a result. To speak with an experienced insurance marketing and sales strategist, call (800) 290-7226.

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