Indexed Universal Life Insurance as a Retirement Strategy

Aug 12, 2015

Individuals who have used their life insurance policies as vehicles for investing in the future over the past few decades have enjoyed more than just security and peace of mind. Many have experienced returns beyond their wildest dreams. While returns on indexed universal life insurance (IUL) policies have benefited investors for years and may continue to do so, some customers worry about the relationship between IUL and stock market performance. There are some things that every broker who wishes to sell IUL to clients should understand in order to be successful.

IUL Appeals Most to High-Income Earners

High-income earners who save vigilantly often desire to invest more in their future even after maxing out the caps on what they can contribute to their various existing tax-friendly retirement accounts. Many well-heeled retirement planners also have invested considerable sums in riskier and more volatile markets, making them receptive to low-risk investments that reliably offer good returns. By investing in an indexed universal life insurance policy, this type of client can add a tax-friendly investment that is sure to pay off to his or her retirement portfolio.

IUL Offer Many Tax Benefits

From initial investment to tax-free distributions in retirement, indexed universal life insurance offers tax benefits. Even after a policyholder dies, the death benefits awarded to beneficiaries are issued tax-free. A client who is concerned about the rise in his or her tax contributions and is looking for an investment vehicle that comes with few or no tax liabilities is likely to find IUL an attractive retirement investment vehicle.

IUL and Brokers Alliance®

In addition to having great appeal and the potential to benefit many looking to invest in their retirement, selling IUL products can increase your profit margins. At Brokers Alliance®, we help brokers like you sell indexed universal life insurance to wise clients, typically high-income earners who are looking for permanent life insurance and are keen to accumulate cash on the money they fund their insurance with via an equity index.

Through our website, you can access an in-depth, quick guide to indexed universal life insurance and other tools that will help you better understand the value of IUL as a retirement investment strategy. To speak with a knowledgeable member of our team about how you can streamline your business model and maximize your earnings potential selling IUL, other insurance products, and annuities, call (800) 290-7226


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