A Permanent Benefit Section 79 Plan may be an ideal solution.

Section 79

WebReferenceBoard3_Section 79.pngPermanent Benefit Section 79 Plan

Using Life Insurance
Like many business owners, your energy and resources are primarily focused on building your business. Now, with retirement on the horizon, retirement planning may be more of a priority. Similar to other business owners in your situation, you may have the following concerns:

  • Your current retirement savings are insufficient to meet your retirement needs.
  • Your family is financially vulnerable if you died suddenly.
  • How do you balance expense management with providing employee benefits?

A Permanent Benefit Section 79 Plan may be an ideal solution. It can potentially provide both pre- and post-retirement death benefits, as well as supplemental retirement income. In addition, because employees can choose between several options, employee costs may be minimized. Finally, it can provide tax advantages to both you and the business.

WebReferenceBoard3_Section 79.pngWhat is Permanent Benefit Section 79?

Section 79 of the Internal Revenue Code permits employers to offer group life insurance to employees. The group life insurance can be provided via a master contract or a group of individual policies. Group term insurance is generally used to provide the benefit, and since coverage terminates upon retirement, participating employees typically only receive inexpensive pre-retirement death benefit protection.

However, the Treasury Regulations for Section 79 provide that group term life insurance may be combined with permanent benefits under specified circumstances, which allows the use of cash value life insurance policies. A Permanent Benefit Section 79 Plan provides employees who elect to receive more than just the group term coverage with a cost-efficient personally owned cash value policy. Thus, employees who elect the permanent benefit will have death benefit coverage extending beyond their retirement, as well as the ability to access the cash value of their permanent life insurance policy for supplemental retirement income or other purposes.